Hi, thanks for stopping by! I'm Rey and guess what?

I'm not a photographer....

I am a storyteller.

I believe everyone is unique and the only way to bring out the best in people is by connecting and figuring out what that story is. You are unique. During our portrait sessions, I make sure I am creating and capturing beautiful moments, in the right lighting, and in the most beautiful way possible all while giving you an amazing experience you'll never forget. I want to make sure you look your best and that the pictures we create are artistic, breathtaking, and are displayed in your home for everyone to enjoy.

Your photographs are more than just pixels! They are your most precious memories. Do you want your story buried in your phone, on a thumb drive, or somewhere in an online cloud? When you are not around, how do you want your grandchildren or great grandchildren to know you? I believe in real tangible memories. Something that you your children can touch and cherish for generations. I believe in creating legacies over getting likes on social media.

I grew up in California and spent most of my adult life in the U.S. Marine Corps. During that time I've seen the world, found love, and started a wonderful family. I love my family more than anything and I make it a point to have our photos displayed everywhere in my home, so that before I leave my house I am filled with all the love and great feelings we had when those pictures were taken. This is what I want to do for you.

If you love my work and wanna hang out create epic images, send me a message!